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A mobile visiting and community-orientated foot health practitioner (FHP) service for active folks and families, young adults and senior citizens who require regular foot health maintainance; and others who need urgent professional help-- especially those with painful cracked calluses, corns, fungal foot infection, worn and travel-tired feet, neglected feet and toenails requiring attention.

The service is relevant for people who are either recovering from medical incidents and procedures (like stroke, heart attack, or hospital surgery), awaiting or about to undergo surgery or preparing for a big life changing event (like weddings or a new job); and would want no foot health issues to get in the way (such as fungal infections). A responsive service also for those who metabolic or degenerative conditions (such as diabetes and Parkinsons) that also require proper foot health maintainance.

It is also for people in demanding professions, such as those in the frontline emergency services, finance, government, sports, travel and retail sector who spend long hours standing, walking, running; or who are subject strict uniform standards that involve wearing hard soled or high heeled shoes or stilletos under similar conditions.

The Foot Health Practitioner is an insured member of the Alliance of Private Sector Practition ers and is registered with the Professional Standards Authority's (PSA) Accredited Register (AR). PSA is an independent, government-formed body that overseas ALL recognised state and private sector healthcare professional associations, societies or councils (and their members) to promote and uphold high professional standards and help ensure public safety.

The FHP, running the practice, also has an up-to-date training in advanced first aid, and has a health sciences background up to university level (both formal and self-directed studies). This is driven by an authentic, robust and ethos-led commitment to lifelong learning that helps provide greater assurance to clients.

Services Offered:

* Nail Trimming include burring. To avoid painful ingrown toenails, infection, or problems with gait or walking.

*Nail Correction or Reconstruction Service for those with damaged or missing toenails due to occupational or sports related causes. Improves appearance and helps build confidence. Material used has anti-mycotic (anti-infection) and pedicure like properties. Can be blended with existing nails' natural colour. Complements anti-fungal foot treatment.

* Medi-Pedi Service-- Interventions to help relax, nourish, soften and smoothen skin round lower lower legs or ankles and feet (and also to nourish nails). combined with spa-like foot massage. On request, base coat or special nail polish/varnish which (require no based coat) can also be applied. The latter can also complement nail reconstruction.

* Diabetic Foot Assessment and Monitoring.

* Plantar Fasciitis Interventions, including taping.

* Treatment of other foot conditions such as warts or verrucas, blisters or athletes foot.

Serving private clients to domiciliary, residential care or other healthcare users. Quality time with clients, quality service.

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