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April 2013

Work With All Your Might

When one is looking after other people’s needs and works hard for what is right; work with all your might…-- jr

Be Not ‘Afear' (to have your feet professionally examined)...

Ignore your feet at your own peril… but prudence requires that people consult a foot health professional for their foot health needs or concerns.

People that tend to hide their feet,  are either scared, too embarrassed to have it promptly checked or cannot be bothered at all-- even though problems are starting to arise or there are already problems causing unnecessary pain or grief; or about to lead to that unwanted direction. A stiff upper lip is often maintained. They either camouflage it with posh, high heeled or very hard, very  tight-fitting footwear so others can ogle at the elegant, curvaceous or ‘brand' spanking shoes, but not the feet that’s in it.

Pedicured feet do not mix with foot examination

Foot examination requires that toenails are free from pedicure or cosmetic treatment-- especially toenail paint or polish.

Toe nails are an important part of foot examination. In its pedicure-free state, toenails provide an indication of its overall health (and blood circulation in the feet). Discoloured toenails, for instance, can indicate either trauma, poor circulation, fungal or bacterial infection (especially for the latter two when accompanied by foul odour and flaky or crumbly texture).

No thank you to glittering professional titles, medals and ivory tower-ish, gilded perches; it is the genuine caring for and helping others that counts.

The measure of a true, honourable human being is the consistent commitment to care and to help with or uphold  the needs (and rights) of others. It is not the pursuit of cowardly hypocritical, sanitised, over-rated ‘professional' job titles; blinding pencil pushing politico-bureaucratic (‘tick box’) health targets; or ivory-tower arrogance, extravagance and self-centered attention which are all heavily lusted by scheming  playground bullies, psychopaths and scumbags.— jr   

Why 'Long, Tall Sallys’ (LTS) or High Heels Are NOT Cool

High Heels can make ladies seemingly look long, tall and sexy. Posh workplaces, corporate bosses, the fashion glitterati and advertising world may also encourage or demand that they be worn because it supposedly (albeit mistakenly) makes women look ’smart’ and ‘elegant’. It may make womens' bodies look uprightly curvaceous, but at a great cost to their comfort, health, safety and wellbeing. 

Like the traditional Chinese way of binding women’s feet (so these remained very tiny especially in later life; and likewise ‘manacled' women to their feudal male masters
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