Be Not ‘Afear' (to have your feet professionally examined)...
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Be Not ‘Afear' (to have your feet professionally examined)...

Ignore your feet at your own peril… but prudence requires that people consult a foot health professional for their foot health needs or concerns.

People that tend to hide their feet,  are either scared, too embarrassed to have it promptly checked or cannot be bothered at all-- even though problems are starting to arise or there are already problems causing unnecessary pain or grief; or about to lead to that unwanted direction. A stiff upper lip is often maintained. They either camouflage it with posh, high heeled or very hard, very  tight-fitting footwear so others can ogle at the elegant, curvaceous or ‘brand' spanking shoes, but not the feet that’s in it. Perhaps, it may also have been that primal fear, of being rejected if people do not live up to the expectations of the corporate, if not cat walk or glitterati world, where mere appearances and posturings count most more than substance, which can be very deceiving and contrary to one’s overall health and well-being now and in later life. 

For instance, people fail to notice that debris build up (like dirt and loose, soiled or sweat-soaked sock or ladies' stocking fibres; or dead, cracked, callused skin are already collecting, sticking and thickening up underneath the toenail edges, especially on the halluxes (big toes). Left in these state, fungi or microbes which love dark, filthy, smelly, sweaty, damp places eventually colonise these hard to reach areas, thus causing discomfort, foul odour and eventually lots of pain and grief, which will eventually cost dearly. Smelly feet also attract lots of mosquito bites, some scientific studies found (Click online link for instance: why-mosquitoes-seem-bite-some-people-more

Poor nail maintenance, too, can cause painful ingrown toenails, which increases the risk of wounds and consequent infection. Ingrown toenails put pressure on the skin in the sulcus or affected area.

For people whose work involve either standing or walking for long hours daily, working outdoors in all sorts of weather conditions (especially extreme heat, rain, sleet and snow), carrying heavy loads (including carrying an unborn child), doing lots of walking, running or other intense sports/leisure activities like dancing (e.g. ballet), wearing wrong shoes like fashionable high heels ('long tall sallys’), or those with very stiff soles (inside and out), for example, they fail to notice the damage that these activities or shoes do to their feet. Bad shoes that misalign the body or cause bad posture, for example, can cause multiple problems--from foot, knee and back pain to self-inflicted flat feet that eventually leads to bunions and bent or crossed over toes (i.e. halux valgus).

Hence, it is important to have feet regularly checked and maintained (i.e. toenails professionally cleaned, trimmed and smoothened; corns taken out, calluses cleared or reduced and smoothened, and feet massaged). It is highly recommended that this maintenance is done every six to eight weeks. This way, trouble signs can be spotted early and necessary remedial action (or intervention) and professional advice can be given straightaway. More importantly, it ensures that one’s feet is in good shape to ensure maximum comfort and help reinforce good anatomical balance or body posture.

AAA Foot Care Clinic’s service is affordable, and is only a fraction of the massive bills one will have if feet are left neglected, unattended or not regularly seen to. Furthermore, it is much healthier and perhaps, cheaper than a cosmetic pedicure which can mask and worsen ongoing fungal or bacterial problems and not lead to better foot health. Best that pedicure be done after regular foot health checks and maintenance if people so desire.

Prevention is better than cure, and it is more prudent than waiting for the heavy costs and painful experiences of late intervention (such as medical operations) to crash on one’s feet like a millstone (ouch!)...

Besides, having well-maintained, healthy feet improves your quality of life, makes you feel and walk nimbler and sweeter;  and be much, much happier. 


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