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May 2014

Why A Caged Bird Sings

Do Not Lose Hope When The ‘Tempest in the Teapot’ — Stroke Strikes A Loved One

Apart from hearty touches of humour, perhaps give the loved One that little, private space to rest (from all the medical interventions) and be himself, then afterwards speak softly about the reason why physical therapy (and getting him off the bed and up and about, already hard as it seems) is important (to help him with his recovery and avoid problems arising from muscle wasting and limb/joint stiffening; and depression that can follow), for instance. 

By patiently, gradually and clearly explaining the pros and cons of doing or not doing certain essential things, you are helping empower your loved one to have an informed choice, despite his current limitations which can be overcome with perseverance, over time.

All Humans, All Earthlings Came from the Same Family Tree That First Took Root in the African Continent: Respect!

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Jane Elliott's Blue Eyes Brown Eyes
This is how discrimination works against:Roma/Gipsys, Blacks, Latino, Brown, Kurdish, Native Americans, Aboriginal People.
We are all earthlings, all mortals and all coming from the same origin, the same family made from the same stuff— carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

‘Gluten Sensitivity’ MAY NOT Be Caused by Gluten after all...

According to an article in the Scientific American, ‘gluten sensitivity’ may be caused by other factors, not necessarily gluten…  Go to online link below.

The Evolution of Empathy...

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RSA Animate - The Empathic Civilisation
Bestselling author, political adviser and social and ethical prophet Jeremy Rifkin investigates the evolution of empathy and the profound ways that it has shaped our development and our society. Taken...
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Beware Bits and Bytes Can Also Bite: Creative, Critical, Independent, Vigilant and Informed Thinking Required...

In this Techie, Gadget Man Age we should dare not allow ourselves to be lured into deep intellectual, moral and spiritual slumber; but to think creatively, independently, and profoundly. For awareness, vigilance and the logic of what is right or wrong can neither  be entrusted to those that profit hugely from professional arrogance, extraordinary power and greed owning, controlling, monopolising and running our global data networks, institutions and our universal repository of knowledge and skill— even our daily lives; nor their politicians and hordes of their institutional lobby  and ‘trumpet' men.
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