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July 2014

Person’s Gait Can Also Help Assess Dementia Risk….

Why Smoking, Chemicals in Food And Air Pollution Can Harm An Unborn Child

Step by Step: New Diabetes Type 2 treatment on the way...

Time to Consider Parting with Woollen Slippers for Rubber Flip-flops or Sandals...

A pair of woollen slippers, or what some people call ‘woollies’,  has traditionally been the choice by both young and old, particularly senior citizens who love its reassuring warmth even though they are already wearing warming, perhaps woollen socks, too, in their homes throughout all seasons of the year.

A disadvantage of woollen slippers vis-a-vis its rubber counterparts is that it can attract dust mites inside as well as be an ideal place for fungus to thrive and infect the wearer’s feet, in particular, the toenails.

Gene Therapy Progressing for Motor Neurone Disease, which can also affect one's ability to walk...

Health Apps Can Be Used For Health Education and Patient Information

NSAIDs carry health risks

Click only online link below to read:

Explosion in smartphone health software raises serious issues

Genetic Scissors: Cutting a pathway to treating genetic diseases...

Empowering The Blind: Reading Device Developed

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