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Anti-Ladies' High Heels Movement Starts In Japan

Action Against Ladies High-Heeled Footwear or stilettos, known as a health and safety hazard to women, have caught on in Japan, as a women's movement grows against workplaces strictly requiring women to wear high heels as part of office or work uniforms. A lady worker in Britain,  previously exposed the unhealthy and discriminatory practice which is akin to 'binding' women's feet.

Click or copy link below from The Guardian (UK) Newspaper and paste on your own Internet browser:

We Are All Children Of Africa...

Click Youtube video link below to remember our real origins:

Eyes that Cannot See, But the Brain Can..

Cyborg-Style Spinal Connector Developed and Tested Successfully

A spinal connector has been developed and successful tested on laboratory mice with spinal injury, paving the way for human trials in a few years. Paraplegics, Parkinson’s,  and Epilepsy Sufferers can stand to benefit from the device which was developed to fit in nicely with the spine and surrounding tissue especially the dura mater. It can potentially be used for pain management, too.  Click  The Telegraph online link to read and view interesting development.

3D Printing Technology Can Help the Blind See The World Better

Bionics making further advances: Double Amputee able to move two prosthetic arms using own thoughts...

Click iflscience  article and youtube video below:

Further inroads are being achieved in bionics. Now a double amputee is able to move two prosthetic limbs with own thoughts...

Advances in Bionics: Paraplegics Can Look Forward To Having Much More Independence

Click iflscience link below to view article and video:

Scientists and Engineers are now much closer to helping paraplegics live independent lives with the use of thought controlled prosthetics. They have been able to translate human thoughts into machine language which can move prosthetics much more accurately, opening a brighter future for mass use ...

Blind Man’s First Sight, One Giant Leap for Bionic Eyes

Ubuntu: One Planet, One Shared Humanity

Leading by Example: A Life of Humility

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Anti-Ladies' High Heels Movement Starts In Japan
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