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A mobile, visiting and community-orientated foot health practitioner (FHP) service for active folks or families, young adults and senior citizens, who require regular foot health maintenance; or need urgent foot professional help-- especially those with callused, corned, painful, worn or travel-tired, neglected feet; or overgrown or problematic toenails requiring some TLC (tender loving care) and rejuvenating therapeutic interventions. 

The responsive service is also relevant for people who are either recovering from medical incidents like stroke, awaiting surgery or preparing for a big life-changing event (like weddings or a new job), and would want no foot health issues, like fungal infections, to get in the way.  A responsive foot health maintenance service also for people who have metabolic  and neuro-degenerative conditions-- such as diabetes, Alzheimer's And Parkinson's.

Lastly, it is also for people in demanding professions (such as those in the emergency services, financial, government, health, travel, sports, marketing, sales and retail sectors which involve long hours either standing, running, walking or constant commuting; or very strict uniform standards that require constant wearing of tight, hard-soled or high-heeled shoes or stilettos for long hours. The service could also be availed of as a treat or gift for those special occasions, like birthdays and anniversaries, where the celebrant needs a little pampering or introduction to good foot health and bye bye to long-time neglected feet.

It is an affordable, flexible, friendly and personalised service. Domiciliary, Home, Office or Workplace Visits by Appointment .The mobile foot health service covers Bedfordshire and surrounding Shires (or Counties), including Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire,  and London. Other locations can be considered on request.

The FHP is accredited with the Professional Standards Authority (PSA),  through the Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners, an independent professional or trade organisation distinct, independent from or separate from their public sector counterparts-- all of whom are also under the umbrella of the PSA.

Essential and routine foot health care and maintenance for all-- from nail trim and burr service, ingrown toenail reduction, corn removal and callus reduction to...

Other Core Services:

  • Nail Correction/Reconstruction Service for those with damaged toenails due to either occupational or sports-related trauma, toenail infections or other health-related causes. Improves toenails' appearance; material used has  anti-mycotic (anti-infection) properties and pedicure-like but longer lasting qualities. Can be closely matched or blended into existing natural nail colour. Complements anti-fungal nail treatments. 

  • Medi-Pedi Service-- interventions to help relax, nourish, soften and smoothen skin round lower legs, ankles and  feet (and also to help nourish nails) combined with specialised, spa-like massage. On request, newly introduced, special nail polish/varnish which requires no base or primer can also be applied, but which is much more durable  and longer lasting than other brands currently in the market. The latter can also complement nail reconstruction. 
  • Plantar Fasciitis Interventions, including taping.

  • Diabetic Foot Assessment and Monitoring.

  • Treatment of or relief from other foot issues or foot conditions (i.e. bunions, cracked heels, heel or foot pain, blisters, fungal infections, verrucas or warts and athlete’s foot).

  • After Service (free foot health advice or counselling and therapeutic foot massage)

Serving private clients to domiciliary, residential care or other institutional users… Quality time with clients, quality service. 

A foot health service provider to keep your feet clean, comfortable and in good, healthy condition; and for your well-being and convenience. 

The Foot Health Practitioner (FHP) running the clinic is an Insured Member of the Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners; and is registered with the Professional Standards Authority’s (PSA’s) Accredited Register (AR). The PSA is an independent, government-formed body that oversees ALL recognised state and private sector healthcare professional associations, societies, or councils (and their members) to promote and  uphold high professional standards; and to help ensure public safety.  

The AAA Foot Health Services FHP also has an up-to-date training in advanced first aid; and has an educational background up to university level (both formal and self-directed study or critical/autonomous enquiry) in the health sciences. This is driven by an authentic, robust, ethos-led commitment to continuing professional development and lifelong learning that will benefit and provide greater assurance to clients, too.

For name and details of  the qualified foot health professional, hover and click on ‘About Us’ link on the top right-hand side of this web page.

Feet are an essential part of the body. Healthy feet and toenails promote comfortable, pain-free, efficient movement or mobility. Well-maintained feet helps prevent or reduce problems (such as pain) with knees, heels, hips, back and neck; which can be affected by existing, progressing or ignored foot problems. It also prevents the onset of mobility issues, pain, wounds, itching and infection caused by either ingrown toenails, corns, or cracked heels, for example, that arise from the absence of or irregular, poor foot and toenail maintenance; or because of an existing or ongoing medical condition/s, lifestyle or footwear-related issues.

Often subjected to a lot of stress, neglect, abuse or overuse, the feet carries most of the body’s weight and helps maintain correct balance or good posture. It is interconnected with and helps support the upper body parts, i.e. knees, hips, back (spine) including the neck, hence the importance of having regular, professional foot and toenail checks and maintenance, usually every six to eight weeks. Well looked after, healthy feet enhances people’s quality of life or wellbeing — comfort, joy or happiness…    -- jr

For bookings, call 075800 75493 or 01582 732888.

Alternatively, you can also use the ‘Contact Us’ link (also on the top right hand side of this page) if you have any further enquiries or requests. Feel free to call or get in touch, AAA Foot Health is here to help you with your foot health needs. At your service; and thank you.

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* Please Note: A £57.00 charge will be applied to appointment cancellations. This, however, excludes  requests for alternative appointments made at least 24-hours before the scheduled date.

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